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Women's rights in Afghanistan:
what worked, what didn't, and why 


Afghanistan Evacuation & Resettlement

Jennifer Fluri is a feminist political geographer examining gender, geopolitics, international aid/development, conflict, peacebuilding with a focus on Afghanistan. She also co-leads the University of Colorado Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative (CU-BAHRI) a community-based service-research project. She is Professor and Chair of the Geography Department at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

CU-Boulder Affordable Housing
Research Initiative 

The CU-Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative (CU-BAHRI) works with various stakeholders and individuals living in, seeking, or supporting affordable housing options in Colorado. CU-BAHRI seeks to use research conduct compelling and informative examinations of affordable housing needs, accessibility, and availability. 


Recent News

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Article: Jennifer Fluri gathered evidence from war-torn (and joke-riddled) Afghanistan


New Book: Feminist Spaces: Gender and Geography in a Global Context

New Book: Engendering Development: Capitalism & Inequality in the Global Economy

Editor for Handbook: Critical Geographies of Migration

New Book: The Carpetbaggers of Kabul and Other American-Afghan Entanglements

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